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Scripture Of The Day

Sometimes we just listen better when we’re lonely. Moses was tending sheep on his own in the wilderness when he heard the voice of God speaking from a burning bush. Elijah was standing alone on a mountain when he heard the Lord’s whisper in the wind. John was imprisoned on a remote island when he heard the voice of Jesus inviting him to write down the final revelation of Scripture.

Maybe you’ve been called to a job beyond your comfort zone or distanced from the community you cherish. Or perhaps you’re navigating a situation your friends can’t understand or carrying an ache your family can’t fix. Though loneliness is something few would choose, there’s a gift tucked in its unwanted folds if we’re willing to unwrap it. Loneliness reveals our longing to hear from the One who sees our need and knows our ache.

Just as listening to the people around us requires time and intention, so does listening to the voice of our Savior. The more time we spend with Jesus, the more we know His voice. Maybe it’s time to turn our lonely seasons into listening seasons! Declare today that you want to hear from our savior! Ask him to help you recognize his voice as you seek him in his word.


Ollie Haile-Michael

is a member of Hill City Church, INC of Los Angeles

Our Daily Bread Blog is her contribution

of sharing God's word with her church community.

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